Monday, August 15, 2011

Meal Plan: week of 8/15

Last Week's Retrospective
Meal Plan Fail. Seriously. Maybe having the date wrong last week (Monday was the 7th, not the 8th, just threw off my mojo for the week). Also, the heat got to me. And my running (discovered at the end of the week that I had almost doubled the running I was supposed to do as part of my couch to 5k plan). And time constraints. Everything piled up and meal plans went off the rails.

We ended up grocery shopping on Monday and eating at Central Market. Then we caved and went to eat at Buffet Palace on Tuesday after swim lessons. On Wednesday, desperate to get back on track, I pulled out my friend Claire's recipe for sweet potato and lentil curry and made it. Thankfully, it's a super quick dish to cook. Thursday we ended up at Kerbey Lane Cafe for dinner (yes, that makes 3 trips out to eat; thankfully, my MIL likes to take us out while she is visiting and KLC is my favorite restaurant in town - I won't deny that I loved me some home fries Thursday night).

Finally, on Friday, I was home a little early, so I used the time to whip up two batches of hummus and a batch of this delicious chickpea tuna salad. We made pita pizzas for dinner for the kids. FWIW, I have seen versions of the chickpea salad that were a bit more complicated. This one is super easy and super delicious. Don't neglect the kelp powder though.

Saturday night we ended up eating out again (!) at Jason's Deli b/c we were school clothes shopping for the girls. And then Sunday we spent the day in Wimberley and tucked into leftovers Sunday evening (Jason's Deli mac 'n cheese remains, hummus, chickpea salad and the curry from Wednesday).

What a week.

This Week
Monday: We have swim lessons tonight at 6pm, so we will try to eat something quick beforehand (maybe some version of sandwiches) and baked sweet potato fries.

Tuesday: I'm going to try to get the lentil soup I wanted to make last week made.

Wednesday: I'm not going to lie. We're probably going to Mandola's for dinner. MIL loves Italian and there's a certain little toy store in the same shopping center we've been wanting to visit.

Thursday: Not lying again. Mr. Natural for a night of healthified Tex Mex before Grammy leaves.

Friday: pizza

That is a pretty lame meal plan.

Somewhere during the week I will try to make Catherine Newman's cheese crackers and Fat Free Vegan's chocolate blueberry cake. Yum and yum.

Next week our interim end-of-summer camp begins in lieu of incomplete construction at the girls' school. Grammy will be back in Virginia (and sorely missed) and we'll try to start working on our fall routine. This week and last week are very unlikely to be the norm in the future.

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