Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meal Plan

Here is our meal plan for next week. Sometimes additional food will be made if one of the boys is having a rather particular being picky sort of day.

Our menu plan for next week…
-ShuMai/SiuMai dumplings filled with broccoli & zucchini in garlic sauce! (This is a recipe from a friend’s blog)
-Veggie sushi with a side of miso veggies & udon noodles (in case one of them decides they don’t want sushi)
-Chana Masala with a side of roasted cauliflower
-Corn on the cob, grilled squash, & vegan apple sage sausages
-Pizza night

Chickpea crunchers
Kale chips
Dried fruit
Chcolate chip quinoa muffins


  1. are you making the sausage, or is that the Field Roast kind? (one of my fave foods, btw!).

    And, oh! Choc chip quinoa muffins - love those, should put these in my rotation next week.

  2. I created a apple sage sausage recipe a while back. It turned out tasty. I may have to make our field roast recipe. If Boogie had his way, I would make it every week. He loves that stuff. :) And thank you again for the quinoa muffin recipe. We love it.