Thursday, July 21, 2011

Welcome to Nourish the Family

Hi All,

First post!

What's this blog about? Well, to be perfectly honest, I'm struggling a bit with food. I miss my dinner coop (families cooking for families on a weekly basis) which fell on hard times and I've been working on my diet this summer and trying to make plans for stuffing the most nutritious and yummy food possible into my growing girls (2 and 4). I love browsing the web for recipes, poring over cookbooks and making grocery lists. But I struggle with weekly meal plans and feel like I wing it a lot at night.

Enter the new blog. I thought I'd start this as a space to share weekly meal plans. I'll try to share my own and I hope to add other posters who'll do the same so that we can share ideas (with recipes too). Because I know I need inspiration.

So far, our week has looked like this:

Monday: this was an odd day. E was attempting a piano lesson at 5pm so husband and R stayed home and snacked on black beans and strawberries and crackers. When E and I got home, she wanted mac and cheese so (sigh) I utilized an Annie's microwave pack of mac and cheese (plus black beans and crackers and strawberries). Husband and I had big salads, which we're loading with greens and a veggie protein source - this is part of our summer eating plan.

Tuesday: bean tacos served with Greek yogurt and salsa, tortilla chips, carrots, grapes. Husband and I had our salads.

Wednesday: again the clamor for mac and cheese! I had purchased a frozen variety (supposedly whole grain and healthier) and I took the time to bake it in the oven so it would be extra yummy. The kids ate that while husband and I ate salads. Alongside the mac and cheese, I served steamed broccoli and apple slices. I also made a pot of curried sprouted lentils while the mac and cheese was baking. I have lentils for my lunch today.

Thursday: That's today. I don't have plans yet, though I had thought of doing something with baked tofu and sticky rice, plus the leftover broccoli.

Friday: is typically our pizza night.

The weekend is up for grabs.

We will try a) not to eat out and b) limit mindless snacking.

Going forward, I'm going to try to post our meal plans here and give them more thought.

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